The department store was opened in 1964 under the name Hron focusing on clothing and textiles. Later, it became a part of the PRIOR department store network.
In 2008, it was incorporated in the portfolio of TATRAMAT, akciová spoločnosť, Poprad. In 2009, it underwent a complete reconstruction of the premises. Currently, it offers modern commercial, storage, office and customer service space.

In the PRIOR department store you can find Billa supermarket, Teta (drugstore), Pepco, KiK, JARA (clothing), Frank (footwear and leather goods), Praktik (soft furnishing), Rosler (household goods), Galterra (haberdasher´s), Knihy pre každého (bookshop), as well as smaller businesses offering flowers, gifts, jewellery or a newsagent´s. A variety of services is available in the department store, too: key duplication, a hairdresser´s, a beautician, a snack bar with a daily menu, a café, a massage centre.

The PRIOR department provides a complete range of goods and services for its visitors.
Registered office:
PRIOR department store, a.s.
Robotnícka 2
974 01 Banská Bystrica
Slovak Republic
Phone: +421 48 4711511-513